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Assessing Language Proficiency with Advanced AI-Powered Tools 

The quickest, most practical, and fairest way to handle language evaluations, whether that’s for hiring the right people or leveling up your team’s language game.

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Langlevel - Assessing Language Proficiency with Advanced AI-Powered Tools


What is Langlevel?

Langlevel is an AI-based, fully online, and completely automated tool for testing language proficiency levels. Langlevel evaluates in the following languages: 

English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese. 

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Use cases

For business

  • You’re a company hiring individuals who need to master a specific level of a foreign language within a given domain. Typically, you engage a language school to confirm their proficiency level in the specified domain.
  • You’re a call-centre that continually needs to hire employees with different languages and must periodically assess their proficiency levels across various topics and levels.
  • You’re a job search or recruitment platform or HR agency and wish to upgrade your offered service with a robust foreign language and neuroscience assessment.

Use cases

For schools

  • You are a language school that offer language courses and have to check the level of newly enrolled students. Usually this consumes your entire Monday, which could otherwise be utilized for teaching your students. Also, periodically, you assess the level of those who wish to advance to a higher level.
  • You’re a language school that periodically needs to evaluate the student’s grasp of the covered material. The covered materials are pre-uploaded in our system.
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Why Langlevel?


The benefits of AI-powered evaluation

Efficient and Consistent Screening - icon

Efficient and Consistent Screening

Enhance your recruitment process with fast, accurate, and uniform language proficiency evaluations for all your candidates and teams.

Instant Evaluation and Results - icon

Instant Evaluation and Results

Swift test completion and immediate feedback, streamlining your language assessment process.

Innovative yet Familiar Approach - icon

Innovative yet Familiar Approach

Modernize your language skill assessment, automate traditional processes, and reducing bias while maintaining a familiar evaluation structure.

About us

Who are we?

Established in Delaware and anchored in Bulgaria, Worddio Inc has revolutionized language education, touching the lives of over 2 million users in more than 170 countries with our innovative products.

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